The disgrace of cleaning a motorhome’s toilet

Sometimes I seek out my own misfortunes. I was the driver of a band that toured around Italy; my role was Driver and “manager” of the rented motorhome. I like to drive so when they offered me to drive them, I accepted without any problems.

On the day of departure, we all got into the camper and set off. As I drive towards the central areas of the Italic boot, I think: “Man, cleaning the chemical toilet of the camper is a shameful job“. So, after several lucubrations, as the person in charge of the vehicle, I decide to establish a rule. Making a terrible and macroscopic error of judgment, I tell the passengers: “Guys! The first one who shits in that bathroom hole then cleans it! Man warned….”. How stupid. Such a big mistake I can only compare it to the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour, to the Titanic Captain sure to sail in the night, to Radish who thinks he’s going to beat Goku in Dragon Ball and other great disasters of the 20th century.

Mandatory Duties

Now, obviously, the first one to use that bathroom hole was me

My traveling companions, relaxed after I visited the bathroom first, decide to punish me by using the bathroom, knowing that at that point it would not be their ungrateful task. 5 big metalheads. A few days later, we finally stopped at a gas station equipped with campers toilets cleaning facility. For those who don’t know what the chemical toilet of a motorhome looks like: motorhome manufacturers call the toilets with which they equip their vehicles “chemical toilets”. There nothing “chemical” in them. They simply are a plastic container full of water under the toilet, to which you have to add a tablet of a disruptive substance, but which has nothing disrupt. Basically, it is a question of filling a container with shit. Let’s go back to the motorway gas station, I stop the camper, wear some rubber gloves and take out the stinking little box. The smell is more or less that of a septic tank and the laughter around me is less like a cabaret show. The tremendous operation lasted about 15 minutes, seeing the whole brown mass come out (not fucking disintegrated!) certainly strengthened my spirit. After setting my hands on fire to try to clean them as best I could, I decided to lock the bathroom and we left for home. But I am aware that I only have to take it out on myself, with all the unforeseen events that happen, I really went looking for this one.