The Nature Calling Project

What do we do?

Nature Calling is a place where everybody can share their misventures and stories happened around public toilets, or just toilets, still good.

This a blog – a narrative blog, if you want – where everybody can upload his personal, funny and peculiar story. At least once in a life we all had the problem to find a public bathroom or being in a bar’s toilet with anything to wipe the bottom up or commuting on a train while we desperately need a toilet with nothing but wait and suffer. There are countless examples of what could go wrong when we are not at home, far from our beloved water, and have to….well, there no other way to say it, when we have to shit. Or take a dump, or poo, or receive a call from mother nature, indeed. Ok, there are many ways to address the main activity of this blog…

So, do you remember where you were at the bar telling your friends such an episode and everybody was laughing and making fun of you? Well, this blog is now the bar, the place to share and collect all these weird and unfortunate stories. In this way, we can acknowledge the fact that other people had a worse experience than you, that, despite everything, we managed to poo in a proper toilet (well, maybe not every time). There are no editors or filters, maybe we moderate something yes, but you are the author of your embarrassing story, there is no need to be ashamed here. You can finally confess that horrible thing. Like, when you were a teenager you left a turd in a children’s playground? No problem, Nature Calling is judgement-free. We just want to laugh and know in which weird situations we, human beings with a digestive system, have been to save our honor and not shit in public. The main goal is to read a post with a funny story and make a laugh, that’s it.

Why? Because we think it’s funny, because for everybody nature calls, so it’s democratic and social leveling. Are you a man or a woman? A teenager or an elder? In any case, you must poo at a certain point and not all the time the toilet is there for good.

So, do you have something to share? Send us you story! Or just go to read some misfortuned episodes of somebody that almost shat its pants.

The story of Nature Calling

The Nature Calling blog is the natural son of the former Pubblico Stimolo, an early blog written in Italian with the purpose of being funny and share with the world the difficulties of a problematic kid in his freshman year at the university. Back in 2013, the blog was edited by the author under the nickname of Acciaio (steel in English and Stali in Russian, referring to the former URSS dictator).

The roots of Pubblico Stimolo are still here but now, the new Nature Calling has a brand new home, with a new domain and more authors. Ideally, the blog updates weekly new stories by people that want to share their experience around public toilets, a shared platform where everybody can add new content and make a laugh at somebody’s else weird stories. To put in a hashtag: #sharetheshame

Send us your story!!